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About Verleseia "The Realtor Chef" Taylor

Verleseia Taylor’s top priority is to help her clients navigate successfully through the challenges that frequently comes along with the purchase or sell of real estate. She knows often that this process can be both highly stressful and emotional. Her goal is to bring the most valuable, current market information to the table and make the process as hassle-free as possible. She wants you to know that “You are not alone, and that she will be your trusted advisor.”

Verleseia worked in the mortgage industry for over half a decade. “I loved making sure that a transaction was completed smoothly and hassle-free”, this sentiment speaks to the pride Verleseia has in providing quality customer service. She is a Florida native, wife, and mother of 5 boys. As a Florida native Verleseia loves the sandy beaches and all the comforts available in the bay area. Because she is an agent who focuses on customer satisfaction, she will use all available resources to ensure that you are receiving the highest level of service.

Verleseia has a philosophy in life “Price is what you pay, Value is what you get.” She will always go above and beyond to ensure that her customers have access to valuable information, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding all real estate transactions. Verleseia is a knowledge seeking agent, who doesn’t mind going the extra mile to get answers. If she doesn’t know the answer, she will find it. She does not shy away from market research or any additional ‘homework’ that may be required for her to help you make important decisions. She is methodical in her actions, detailed-oriented, and unrelentless in support of her customer’s needs throughout the process.

“My commitment is unwavering, I guarantee a return call, email or text within 24hrs, along with weekly progress updates. It is imperative to me that you are in the loop and confident that you have the
information needed to support your decisions”. Verleseia is truly a hard worker who has a rich career history in providing incredible customer care and support every step of the way. Whether as a Contractor, an Administration Manager, or as a Mortgage Processor, Verlesia provides the same level of quality care across the board.

Contact Verleseia Taylor today and receive unwavering dedication to all of your real estate needs.